Les Jardins Des Espoirs

Les Jardins Des Espoirs


Working with architecture firm Aedifica, Massive Art and Groupe Information travail, Körnelius conceived this installation produced to withstand Montreal’s Winter while giving hope to the residents of the Rivière des Prairies district during some of the darkest days of the COVID pandemic. A sustainable project with a social impact, it was also designed to promote local commerce (passers-by were invited to get ribbons from local stores to attach to the installation.

As intended, the project brought hope to local residents and due to its popularity its life  was extended into the following Summer. 

The project won several prestigious awards, including:

• Awards for Art Integration in Landscape and Urban Development and Civic Design at the 2021 Grand Prix du Design

• The 2021 Applied Arts award in Environmental-Experiential and Event Design

• The 2021 International Design Award in Architecture  (Public Art & Public Art Instillation)

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